Author & Illustrator


Caroline grew up as a devoted paper doll creator and living room dance partier.  As she got older, these interests transformed into a pursuit of skill in the visual arts and a 9 year competitive dance career.  Though her dance days are now behind her, Caroline's experiences in the competitive dance world have played a formative role in her world view.  

Throughout her life, Caroline has been lucky enough to be surrounded by strong, incredible women.  She accredits much of her confidence and success to the influence of her fierce female role models. 

Caroline first became seriously interested in writing when working on her common app essay for college applications.  A stereotypically grueling and hated task, Caroline actually

enjoyed this opportunity to write outside of the traditional academic structure she was so accustom to.  

Since then, Caroline has continued investing in her writing through the Sweetland Center for Writing's Writing Minor at the University of Michigan.  An escape from the scientific nature of her major focus in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience, Caroline uses her writing coursework as an opportunity to express her personal ideas and passions. 

Caroline is eager to continue telling stories as she pursues a career in marketing following graduation.  In addition to crafting and communicating brand stories, she plans to continue sharing her own personal writings and illustrations.